we must keep starting

Like the rest of the global running community (and country at large), the last few days have included a lot of asking “why?”. Why in the world does this keep happening? Why is violence so prevalent in our world and why can’t we stop it? Why do those who wish to perpetrate evil target the innocent? I have no answers. Just a lot of prayers. For hope, for peace, for healing, for comfort, for strength, for resolve.

Yesterday, runners around the world joined the throng by “running for Boston”. Our track team and our family both joined in and ran 26.2 minutes in honor of Monday’s tragedy. For my students, it was about helping them see their place in a global community. For a few minutes, I wanted them to understand that running isn’t just a sport-it is a way of life. Runners are weirdos, marathoners in particular. I embrace it! And we are one of the strongest forces for good you will find in the world. For our family, it was about starting. We have to keep starting our races, our training, our jaunts on the roads and trails. We cannot let an act of violence draw us away from our beloved sport. We cannot allow ourselves to say, “oh, I’ll just do local races, but nothing big.” This lets the evildoers win. We cannot allow ourselves and our community to be paralyzed by fear. We must keep starting.

There have been tons of blogs, tweets, articles, videos, and memes floating about the internet in the last few days but it wasn’t until this morning that I felt like what I was feeling was truly captured. Thank you Stephen Colbert, for totally getting it.  http://www.colbertnation.com/the-colbert-report-videos/425527/april-16-2013/intro—4-16-13

We will not be deterred. We will not be afraid. For we are runners. We run through rain, snow, heat, mud, wind, lost toenails, sore knees, and taped up hips. We must keep starting.



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