Since my earliest of days I have been a singer. I started singing in church in the pews with my Mom as far back as I can remember. Music class was always my favorite in elementary school. In 4th grade I sang in Chorus for the first time at school and sang in the county children’s choir. This would set my life on a trajectory that led to great friendships, amazing musical experiences, and fun travels. I sang all the way through high school including summer camps, all-state choir, and a local chorale where I was one of only two “kids”. I went on to major in Vocal Music Education in college and continuing to sing both in choirs and in studio. After college, I taught music for 9 years from grades preK-12. I spent my days making music with children and teaching them to love and value their contribution to an ensemble. It was a gift.

These days I sing less, but it is singing is still a huge piece of the fabric that shapes my life. I am a soprano though in school, I often sang alto which helped train my ear and encouraged my love for choral blend. When I blog about singing, which is rare, it comes from a desire to share my love for music. But it is part of my moniker because it is a part of my life and breath.

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