In the spring of 2002, I was sitting on the couch in my pj’s, eating dinner at 5pm when the beautiful sunshine beckoned. I decided I was too young to be so sedentary and I wanted to run. My best friend in college had run a marathon or two and I thought, heck, I can run a 5k right? So I went to a local park with a paved .25 mile trail and started to run. I lasted about 30 seconds before I started to walk. So I made it a goal, to run the loop. Then came the next goal-run two and three and four and so forth. It became easier and I started to feel awesome. That summer I ran my first 5k from start to finish. I was so excited I could cry. I decided that year I would become a runner. It was also the year that I was headed out for a year long fellowship that would take me to three cities. I learned my way through each city by running. I ran my first 10k in Los Angeles, my first 8k and 13 miler in Austin, and my first marathon in Cincinnati. I was a new person.

Running filled a hole in my I didn’t even realize existed. I felt strong, I met new people, I found myself connecting with a new community. I gained muscles. I had the bug. The running bug. Over the course of the next ten years, I would run countless shorter races and 10 more marathons. I met my best friends through running. I became a running coach to adults and kids alike. I learned about running shoes and gear and clothes by working for an independent running store. Running became part of my soul.

The “Run” part of this blog deals with all things related to running, nutrition, coaching, training, swimming, biking, triathlon (yea, I got into that a while too), and the ups and downs of life as a runner.


2003: Flying Pig Cincinnati, 4:43

2004: San Diego Rock and Roll, 4:28

2005: Marine Corps Marathon, 4:03

2006: San Diego Rock and Roll, 3:57

2006: Philadelphia Marathon, 3:59

2007: Twin Cities Marathon, 4:25

2007: New York City Marathon, 4:17

2008: Chicago Marathon, 3:57 (PR!)

2008: Philadelphia Marathon, 4:06

(2009-trained and finished Ironman Wisconsin, 14:42:19)

2010: Baltimore Marathon: 4:45

2011: Philadelphia Marathon (sister’s first!): 4:52

2013: Marine Corps Marathon 4:45

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