It started in 2nd grade when Mrs. Berko gave me my own desk away from the group because she knew I needed space to process. It continued with Mrs. Sobel and Mr. Brekhus taught me how to love reading and history, how to learn, and to believe in myself as a learner. Mr. G taught me that math was about patterns and the reason many kids hate math is because teachers don’t know how to make it about those patterns. Mrs. Hubbard taught me that singing was a way to express myself and take on characters. Doc taught me that teachers wear many hats.

It was from these people that I knew I knew that I wanted to be a teacher. Not everyone is defined by their work-but the first thing I will always tell you when asked, what do you do? or who are you? is, “I’m a teacher.” I spend most of my blog time over at my teacher blog: Teach2Connect If you want to hear my reflections of life as a teacher and life-long learner, hop on over there and stay a while.

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