You have to keep it going…

I never quite got around to a wrap-up post after finishing the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I finished over Spring Break and spent a lot of time relaxing so I put it off. I am glad I did because now 3 weeks post-detox I can reflect on everything I’ve done wrong since.

I had great success with the detox. I found myself feeling really great. My stomach didn’t hurt. I wasn’t having crazy cravings but mentally-I was ruled by what I would eat next. I was hungry, a lot. I wasn’t eating enough protein to sustain fat adaptation, but at least I wasn’t being ruled by sugar. I lost 10 pounds and my pants fit again. I slept like a dead person and was not feeling massively lethargic. Overall, I feel like the 21 days was completely worthwhile and I would recommend it to anyone.

In the last week of the detox, I started to lose my will. I wasn’t reaching for reese’s or bowls of cereal but I was definitely interested in trying the reintroduction process. It was in that process I quickly learned what the no-no’s were for me. Rice is, unfortunately, a no-no. Same with most cereals (even gluten free). But I did not follow the rules of re-introduction as the detox lays out. I just dipped the toe into trying new things and waited for a one-time reaction.

In the weeks after the detox, I didn’t just fall off the wagon-I fled. I have allowed myself to lose the sense of moderation and dig into Easter candy. I had three days straight where dinner was a quesadilla. I have not gone whole hog back to soda but I certainly haven’t abstained. And I can feel it. My lethargy is back, my stomach aches are back, and while I can’t notice it in my pants yet, I fear it.

So my moral of the story is this-it has be keep going. It has to be about life transformation and change, not just 21 days of this or 30 days of that. If I am truly going to take control of my health and wellness, I have to make long terms shifts. So now I am in that process. What can I live without permanently? What am I will to take on as rare treats worth a small consequence? This is a difficult process and right now I simply hope for more good days than bad.

Have you ever made a diet or wellness transformation that took time? Do you have any tips? I’ll take all the advice I can get!

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