being a sister….is awesome

I love having sisters. I am the middle of two amazing, intelligent, beautiful, thoughtful, and hilarious women. My older sister will wow you with her vast knowledge of classical literature, art, mathematics, and constitutional law all while whipping you up a dish with 80 ingredients like it was nothing. My younger sister will bring peace to the world with her empathy, compassion, easy going personality, and love of cocktails all while building us new infrastructure made with sustainability in mind. We have each had the chance to be an “only” child at home given our age difference and now as adults we have the pleasure of being not only siblings but great friends.

About 10 years ago, Cait took the plunge into the running world by joining me for the AFC Half Marathon in San Diego and again leaped into the crazy club and ran the Philadelphia Marathon to celebrate her 26th year of life. What an amazing adventure. Sister #1, Rebecca, decided a few months ago to take the plunge into our weird world of endurance running by signing up for the Iron Girl Half Marathon and bringing us along for the ride. We met up when we could to train long miles and there was a lot of encouragement, suggestions, and even a good old MRI in the process.

On Saturday, we had a delicious take out dinner to prep our bodies for Sunday morning, each in our own diet (vegetarian, paleo, and regular eaters) and went to be early. But not before Rebecca experienced “Sarah’s going Manic” for the first time. My OCD routine of laying everything out in order with bibs and chips all attached, gu on the side and nothing left to chance on race morning. It is always an experience to witness me in my “prep zone”. (Back away from the lady with the safety pins!)


Race morning we were pumped. Coffee taken in, breakfast eaten and we headed early so we could get rock star parking. We succeeded and found our way to the signature pink port-o-potties. Women milling about filled with excitement. Men in tow looking bleary eyed and supportive. We met up with Mom, texted with Dad, and finalized plans for Rebecca’s girls to meet up with Ken. Our adventure would soon begin.


We took out of the gate with big smiles and excited hearts. Our bodies warmed quickly in the morning sun and we took our steps easily. Middle sister often yelling out-pull back, take our time. We moved quicker than expected. We saw Dad at mile 2, complete with a sign featuring Latin (Excelsis!!), Ken, Mom and the girls at mile 5 and then each of them several more times along the route. What a blessing to have a crazy supportive family!! Friends on foot and friends on the sidelines called out cheers. Great signs lined our route including “Go Random Stranger Go” and “Shake your Pom Poms!” It was a very pink environment. Passing the ASA athletes gave us great encouragement and reminded us of how blessed we are to be able to run with our own bodies.

As we ran, I felt in such awe of the physical prowess of my sisters. They moved along at a good clip-fueled by endorphins, the enthusiasm of the crowd and for Rebecca in particular, the amazement that this was possible. For me, to do something I love this much with two people I love THIS much was something so very special. To be a part of a big event where my “big” sister was able to be a role model for her two amazing little girls—this was a dream come true. To hold hands with my sisters and cross the finish line together is something that I will not soon forget. We have come through a lot as a family, especially in the last five years. And through it all, we have come closer together in love.



I am a proud Thomas Girl and could not be more proud to call these women sisters.




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