Running like Katniss

Let me say upfront that no where in this post am I going to compare any situation in my life to The Hunger Games other than the proletarian Katniss Everdeen‘s amazing ability to run in the woods. (Thus ends any fear that I have completely lost my mind and imagine my life in a giant game that includes the brutal killing of teenagers in order to provide entertainment to a sick and twisted regime.)

When Katniss runs she is strong; she is swift. She floats atop the leaves as if she is gliding and maneuvers over rocks and branches as if she has springs on her feet. She can run for days and she runs purposefully.

I love taking Parker running on trails and last week we happened upon the Schaeffer Farms Trails just outside Germantown. I had heard of said trails but wasn’t exactly sure where to find them, so when were were on the back end of a trail in a nearby park, we jumped at the opportunity to run a bit on those trails. We went back today after a particularly stressful work day and ran again. We extended our run and did the “white loop”. After yesterday’s rain today’s trails were a little muddy but that made it all the more fun.

Running with Parker is awesome. He acts almost like an Iditarod sled dog. He loves to jump out in front (while tethered to my waist) and run up the hills with gusto. He leads the way. We jump over rocks and branches. Hop through stump cut-outs and slosh through mud. He makes running effortless and freeing. It feels great to be running again. I have a long way to go to re-gain speed and strength and lose a ridiculous amount of gained weight, but I already feel happier. Strong. Purposeful. Just like my gal Katniss….sort of.

One thought on “Running like Katniss

  1. misszippy1 May 23, 2012 / 3:56 pm

    Trails make for some of the best runs, especially if you have a buddy like Parker! Glad you are back out there and getting your Katniss on! ; )

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