Five for Friday

1.  We had Bocce League last night and let me just tell you, I love it. I may stink at throwing any form of object and trying to make contact or proximity with another object, but I can sure have fun doing it. It is nice to have  a social activity unrelated to running or triathlon. Branching out is good!

“Well Done!

2.  This has been a rough week in our community for cyclists. We have had two fatal crashes this week. One of whom is the father of one of my former students. I pray that we will keep all cyclists and their families in our prayers this week and that we as motorists are constantly vigilant of those around us.

3.  I have run twice this week. I did 20 minutes on the flat, soft surface on Wednesday and about 3 miles yesterday on a bike path. Both times I’ve noticed changes in my feet/legs as I attempt to use my Newtons. I think I’m also having residual effect from wearing my Merrell Wonder Gloves as my daytime shoe at school. My shins are a bit “splinty” and my feet feel sore, but in a good way. Lucky Fin is still hurting, but too bad! We are running.

4. Parker has had a better week at home this week. He We had a good lesson with his  our trainer on Tuesday. As Ken would say, he’s almost a B+ dog.

5. Tomorrow is the Annual Falcon 5k. I am totally out-of-shape. However, if being there means I get to see some of my former students, then it is totally worth it! I am so depressingly out of shape and I need action. I hope that running a few days a week will make a difference.

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