Don’t Disrespect Training

It has been almost two long years since I raced a tri and just about the same
amount of time since I actually trained well for a race. I signed up with all
hopes of working hard to train for the race and life got in the way. Still
contemplating a DNS, a fb post from SusieRocks reminded me that I had to show
up. I’m really glad that I did. It was very difficult. My body is still
screaming two days later but I am so thankful that my body still works enough to
pull through!

The swim was ok. I didn’t have a particularly fast time and didn’t find a great
rhythm, but I was pleased that the nag in my shoulder didn’t scream too badly. I
found that there was a lot more weaving than I was used to at a CTA race, and
after a nice swift kick in the lady parts, I tried to avoid all other feet
around me. I came in only one minute slower than two years ago when I was well
trained, so that made me a bit giddy! 29ish.

I had not prepared for the bike, at all. My entire bike was rebuilt and I had
good intentions to get on the course, it just never came to fruition. I did a
few laps of gateway a few weeks back, but that was about it. I was worried that
my new shifters would not work for me on the reservoir hill. Luckily, all was ok
and I huffed and puffed up the hill. Boy do I miss my triple. My shifter decided
to die around Folly Quarter MS and therefore I rode the rest of the course in my
little ring. Much rather this than be stuck in the big, but missed the power on
the flats. 1:43ish

My legs felt fine going into the run and not as jello-like as I expected! I
wanted to maintain 10 min/mi’s as much as possible. I made through the lake
without walking and needed a few walk steps in the hilly hood from hell, but I
managed to survive. It was a blessing to see friends and hear cheers on the run.
Past gatorade hill I was feeling good so I picked up the pace a little and came
in for a comfortable finish. 1:02ish

It was so wonderful to have smiling faces at the finish and ice cold water.
While my time is far from stellar, I’m pleased I was able to finish despite a
crazy schedule and lots of life changes. I am super proud of all of the first
timer’s and Pr’s out there for showing me what real training looks like. Next
time, I’ll respect the value of training and put forth a better showing. For
now, I’m content.

Race: Columbia Triathlon
Date: Sunday, May 22, 2011
Location: Columbia, MD
Race Type: Triathlon – International Distance
Age Group: Female 30-34
Time: 3:21:51
Overall Place: 1229/1556
Age Group Place: 59/88

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