I am feeling like my body is quickly aging and rapidly breaking down.  I am not particularly old but I think that my recent two years of low activity have caused me to see clearly how the body breaks down.  As I type I am suffering from a crazy ridiculous sharp shooting pain in my shoulder blades that has gotten progressively worse for the last two weeks. I keep hearing more frequent cracks and pops in places like my shoulders, wrists, and jaw. It is an audible reminder of the body’s ability to self heal but also the body’s ability to slow down.

I ran a race last weekend and did ok. Quite far off my fastest time, but I was happy about it. The winners of the race were all over the age of 45. They were fit, strong, beautiful, and ephing fast. (Plus they are super nice…) They are all of these things because of the care they have put into their bodies. The constant vigilance of fitness, food, and strength. This is the example I need.

I’m too young to feel this decrepit. If not now, when?

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