what’s worth it.

Just a quick post to talk a little bit about “what’s worth” having a mild tummy ache over. As I look at going dairy free in much of my eating life I have made concessions here and there for things I really want–cheese on a burger, Ledo’s pizza.  But today I did something I haven’t done since starting the regime…I ate ice cream. It is our seasonal tradition in our running teams at my school to run to the local Cold Stone and have a treat to celebrate all of our hard work and running success. I joined in on the fun thinking it wouldn’t be too bad. Oh I was WRONG. By the time we got back to school I was in so much pain I wanted to crawl into a ball. Instead I went to a 3 hour shift at the running store. My lesson was totally learned.

I’ve been really grateful that Holistic Guru reminds me that certain treats and things are ok. Moderation is not a bad thing. But as I start to take things away and reintroduce them, I need to be forever cognizant of things that might need to go away forever. Thank goodness for So Delicious Coconut milk ice cream….otherwise, I think I’d just about cry.

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