The West Wing Workout.

There was just no way I was going to endure two hours outside on my bicycle in 20 degrees on Saturday so instead after a good long pot of coffee I used my fancy-schmancy trainer. Instead of putting on crazy Coach Troy and getting my rear kicked, I made up my own workout. I share it with you to give you a small indication of how I’m a crazy West Wing Fanatic. I put in a DVD from season 6 with a crap-shoot as to what episode would show up. It just so happened to be “Drought Conditions”.

A quick synopsis for those of you who aren’t nuts about the show (skip this paragraph if you are not a West Winger). We are in the beginnings of the campaign cycle for a new President. Josh Lyman (my boyfriend) is serving as CM for Matt Santos, leaving Toby even more bitter than before in the West Wing. Also in this episode, you see Toby, in mouring of the suicidal loss of his astronaut brother David, having meetings in a bar with a woman who you learn in the end is Sen. Rafferty. In a side story, Leo and CJ are meeting with Cliff Calley (yum) to discuss the water lobby and subsequently to offer him the job of D.C.S., the position vacated by Josh. Whew….a good episode with a great ending between Kate and Will as well as the infamous Josh/Toby fist-fight.

Upon realizing which episode this was, I determined my plan of attack. In the scenes between Sen. Rafferty (Mel Harris) and Toby I would shift into a big gear and push up a hill. This was about six times in the course of a 42 minute episode. During the world’s most awesome fist fight (josh-toby), I would sprint at 100+ rpm.  This was two scenes. During any and all other scenes I would keep a steady spin of 80-90 rpms working up a good deal of sweat!!  In the last scene between Will and Kate I decided the tension needed a hill, so I had about a two min. steady climb before sprinting during the closing credits.  A fantastic overall workout!!

Perhaps for long rides I will choose my favorite movie and create a plan of attack ahead of time. I can just imagine how I could create a workout for The American President or for The Sweetest Thing….ha ha ha!

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