here fishy fishy fishy.

Hit the pool last night after two weeks away from the water. Ah how I feel like a fish. I feel like I belong when I’m in the pool. I rarely feel like a failure. I like to push myself and work hard.

Last night was a great way to shake off a tense day. I wish I could always remember that and seek the solace of the pool before I seek the solace of ice cream.

I was moved (permanently) to the “fast lane” last night. I was the tail of the lane, but managed to keep up most of the way. It wasn’t until after practice that I learned I would be staying in that lane which means that I’m going to get a good tail whipping every week in the water. I hope this will push me to be stronger and to work harder as the end lane endures the wake of all other lanes providing a more open water feel.

Hopefully my gills will grow in soon.

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