Cold. Hilly. Slow.

So my reality check 5k yesterday did its job. I had a reality check and left part of my lungs out on Hesperus Drive…

Whenever I’m in a training slump, I sign up for a race to see if I can be a game day player or if I really need to put some work in. Yesterday it was the latter. A cold early morning start of a super hilly 5k reminded me that one does not achieve goals out of their a*&, but rather through consistent hard work. It is now time to get back on the training wagon and get my rear in gear. IM is only 223 days away.

I took off too fast, as usual, but knew that it was a 5k so it would be fine. A 6:46 first mile split assured to me that, indeed, I was going out at my normal break neck pace. Then came the first hill. We do this hill on Hesperus all the time. But racing and training are two different things. I got passed pretty quickly, but hoped to maintain some semblance of pride as I trucked up. Next, it was into the neighborhood of my elementary years. Every time I go into Beaverbrook, my heart quells a bit for the wonderful memories. As fate would be, our turn around would be a sharp left directly in front of 5138 Durham Rd. W. The home of my early days….(small tear shed). Up the huge hilly by the elementary bully’s house and then back out the gol darn hesperus…ick. Going back is so much more challenging than going out. “To Longfellow, to the top” spoke my inner monologue. And then, upon passing my favorite elem. school the final hill remained. “last one, last one” But at this point, my legs were shot, my lungs were heavy and my ability to push was taxed. Turn. Turn. A cheer from a friend!! last turn to the chute. Ick, was that my time?? SLOW!!!

Reality check accomplished. Get tush back on the roads and stop being so lazy!

(For the record: 23:17, 6th OA woman, 50th OA, 1st in AG—it was a slow women’s field except for SS, the winner, who rocks…)

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