push=hurt=cycle of lazy!

So I finally gained momentum on Saturday to get out of my woolies and get in gear. (ha ha, a bike joke) I rode 30 beautiful miles with my dear friend IronCasey through the back roads of W. Howard Co. It was a very slow but excellent ride. She is very strong and motivating for me, as well as a wise teacher about all things Ironman.

I definitely engaged my hamstrings in a good way thanks to an improved position on the bike, so I felt the push and pull much better.

Then Sunday, with the help of amazing RP MM, I managed to eek out 10.5 miles of running before having to hurry onto 8am church to coach a youth grouper in reading the prayers.

Then off to work which was tiring. And along the day came the creeping pains in the right hamstring/knee. Great….

I suppose my lesson learned is days of sedentary life are not healed by two days of pushing, rather consistentcy is the key. Duh. Will I ever overcome this cycle of lazy? I’m not quite sure, but something must change….and soon.

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