Lazy Saturday.

Today is definitely a lazy Saturday. I had all best laid plans to jump out of bed, run to the bagel run, run 12 miles, and come home. But when the rain drops were coming down at 6am, all I could do was snuggle back under the covers and ignore my plans.

My legs are in this weird state lately as if they are wondering when they are going to move consistently again. But I’m just not there right now. This, of course, takes me through the evolution of mental panic about upcoming races, the future of my own fitness, etc. But I have to give myself a constant reminder that running (and exercise) is a process and a journey. Perhaps this is a cop-out, but I hope rather that it is my realization that time off, in the long run, will not be detrimental.

I am envious of those people who can run 40+ miles a week (or even 20) or have a six-day a week workout schedule that they hold religiously. I’m just not that girl. Even right now, the looming prospect of another marathon does not seem to faze my sincere desire to sit and rest. Literally.

So for at least a few minutes I am going to attempt to relieve myself of the guilt of not running today. Of embracing a lazy Saturday.  Do regular people have days like this? I know that I feel like I’m the only “runner” who feels like this and am somehow less worthy of the runner title.

So again, I hold my coffee and gaze out at the last dwindles of yellow, orange and red at the Broken Land Creek and try to remain at peace with this short period of being sedentary.

Any affirmations to my decision would be greatly appreciated….


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