i love teaching. i hate report cards.

I love teaching. I love planning really cool experiences for my kids. I love working with them to discover new things. I love it a lot. I however, hate report cards. I hate assessing my kids. I hate grading. I feel like in so many ways it is a moot point. That putting a letter or a number to something and making it fit into a box is so against what I hope my kids can see.

Plus, I think that we all realize that elementary school grades are inconsequential once you reach the sixth grade (and then middle school grades are inconsequential once you leave 8th and so on….)

But alas, the next three days will be less about teaching and more about report cards. And I will once again kick myself in the rear for not being a better taskmaster of reporting….

You all get A+’s today dear reader, for being one of my readers.

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