I am so glad to be home. The last two weeks have been very tense and the source of a lot of stress, learning, and exhaustion. But at the same time, I must return to the reality of all I left. It was a little overwhelming yesterday, but I’m guessing that has something to do with the fact that Tuesday night only yielded two hours of sleep (I had to finish creating the camp movie and we didn’t get back from Broadway until 1:30…so finishing th e movie until 4:30am was the way it was.)

I feel like I need some sort of re-entry period to get back into the routine, but I also wish there were things that I could have just left somewhere along the NJ Turnpike. Feelings, frustrations, sadness….but they had to come back with me, or rather, awaited my return.

Time to find balance. Time to find out what home really means…

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