Thou shalt not…


I woke up this morning excited about coffee and the first stage of the Tour. Alas, that joy faded quickly when I opened my patio blinds to see that my patio furniture (a nice gift from Mom) had been stolen. I had become yet another victim of the rash of thefts happening in my neighborhood. I then proceeded to miss the first half hour of the tour as I made my report with the HC police.

It is not really the loss of the furniture that upsets me. It was lovely and a gift and not something that I will be able to replace. But, it is the fact that theft has been so prominent lately in this area. Several break-in’s and even an armed robbery have occurred in the last two months. I guess I should feel happy that it was just my outdoor furniture.

It shakes my comfort. It makes me paranoid that every time I descend the steps to my apartment that I will find the door cracked and my possessions missing. This then leads me to feel twinges of guilt for actually placing important value on material things. But if I spend too much time dwelling on it, I realize that I am also fearful for safety on some level. If our neighborhood is subject to thievery, what’s to say that worse things won’t come next?

For now, I will thank God for the blessings that remain and continued safety. I will also check and re-check my locks, every time. And pray that these thieves come to realize their errors and seek forgiveness and redemption.

Be safe, dear reader.

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