just click send.

At 12:04am I have finished my “Letter to Head” and “Final Reflection” from these last week’s of adventure. They are uploaded to our Moodle site and await feedback. As my next door friend said, “don’t belabor it, just click send.” I am particularly pleased with my reflection as I spent quite a bit of time trying to take out the “whine” factor and really focus on the goals I hope to bring back to school next fall.

Now, I think I will spend a bit of time on the imovie that I am heading up as for our final farewell day. I had a coke at 9:30pm, so it isn’t like sleeping is likely anyway.

Just found out that I’m working both all day Thursday and all day Friday at the shop. So much for a day of break before hopping back in full force. One thing I will say is…I can’t wait to swim laps, my poor deltoids and triceps are so atrophied I desperately need some time in the water (I’m having a “Sweetest Thing” arm situation).

All right, enough ranting for now. Time to tap into my inner Steven Spielberg or at least, my inner Dawson Leery.


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