the lasts…

We are reaching the point in the Institute where we have started to have our “lasts”. Last Friday was Chef Gary’s last meal with us, yesterday was our last diversity session, and today is our last curriculum session. We are spending about four hours today on “Change”, which of course makes me really happy as all of the readings were consistent with all of the reading I’ve done at Hopkins. Now begins the two day task of reflecting what we are taking from this and what we will bring back to our school. I’m excited, nervous, and in-flux as to what those things might be.

In our reflection last night, we wrote a letter to ourselves that I’m assuming someone at KSI will send to us mid year. We were supposed to write our hopes of what we would take from the two weeks here and I formed mine in several paragraphs of questions. What am I taking from here about curriculum and instruction? What am I taking from here in terms of leadership? What am I taking here in terms of facing difficult issues within the school? Each paragraph had specific thoughts that I hope to be at least thinking about as I leave this amazing experience. Also, I have a paragraph about keeping up with colleagues. I have formed good working relationships with several teachers who I think will challenge me, if I ask and likewise, I them. But they will only be maintained if there is a conscious effort.

These two weeks have been a bit like my fellowship six years ago, only condensed and intense. I feel a deep sense of gratitude that, for whatever reason, the selection committee decided to add me to the roster this summer. I hope that I have worked very hard, shared well without ranting too much, and have served some positive role in the community.

The next two days will probably be quite busy as I have offered to take the lead on the end-of-camp slide show. This is a monumental endeavor and I hope that it will provide joy to its viewers.

Dear reader, have a great Monday.

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