My fifth graders have an assignment where they will choose a song to match one of our school success traits such as responsibility, courage, or faith. I told them they would have to do work at home (for the first time ever in my class….) checking either their music collection or youtube. They are not allowed to use youtube at school, but I told them I would help them if the videos they found were appropriate. I came home this evening and had an email from a student with two absolutely perfect video choices for her project. Perhaps this is benign to most teachers, but given the fact that I have never assigned homework (as an elementary music teacher) and this is kind of an large project in the last two weeks of school, I am thrilled. This student totally made my day.

One thought on “excitement.

  1. Casey May 25, 2008 / 12:55 am

    That’s not benign. It’s incredible. I’ve had one student email me all year and he had to ask for my address 4 times. The fact that they even remembered the assignment by the time they got home is remarkable. Be proud and let them know it!!

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