runs in the family

Yesterday I had the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful weather by starting the day with a 5k. After two days of watching runners pick up their packets while I was working, I decided to throw my hat into the ring. I also convinced my lovely mother to join me to “kick-off” her training for the Baltimore Half-Marathon.

I knew it would be a hilly course, knew the two fastest women in my age group were signed up, but thought it would be ok just the same. It was a good race. I didn’t do the best time ever, almost a minute off my time two weeks ago, but I was happy with it.

What really struck me was the families at the race. As awards called out after the race, no fewer than four families had multiple award winners from their family. One family took five total awards! This made me so incredibly happy. I love that there were families running together. Families who chose to get up early on a holiday morning, do a nice 5k, support and cheer for each other. I was so blessed to have my great Mom with me on this day, so I felt supported too.

I don’t really think that having a family of my own is in my future. I kind of think I will be the “crazy old aunt” for my sister’s children. But I am grateful to have been amongst these families yesterday; it gave me a wistful desire for that kind of experience in my own life. These families are models. Just as my family has given me a model for humor, forgiveness, and love. These families have reminded me of the simple purity of doing “stuff” together. All the better if that “stuff” is running.


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