Yesterday Centennial Park and its surrounding areas were bustling with activity as the annual Columbia Triathlon took place. It began with the early am swim starts in the lake, continued through the back roads of Howard County on the bike, and finished with a long loop through the park and the neighborhood for the 10k run. Lots of friends finished this race yesterday despite intermittent rain, injuries, and one smelly lake.

This morning however the lake was calm, cool, and the entire park quiet, as if the traveling circus had come in and quickly vanished. As I took my run with my furry love-bug this morning it was a refreshing start to a new day. The steam rising off the lake in stark contrast with the chill in the air. The park was practically empty and there were long stretches where it was just us, the woods, and the woodland creatures. Alas, our meditative state was interrupted by a small chorus of geese who I’m sure perceived me as a giant and love-bug as my trusty spotted companion, but once they made their displeasure known they softened their cackling.

As the sun rose over the lake and the image of the sky reflected in the lake’s face I felt a great sense of joy. It is in this early morning trek that I was reminded of the blessing of each day made new. As Marilla Cuthbert says in Anne of Green Gables, “every day is fresh, with no mistakes.” As I stumble through this difficult time of life, I am leaning on the grace of God and grateful for his natural reminders that every day is fresh, with no mistakes.

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