i wish there were a way to turn off the lightswitch.
i think there must be something in me that prevents me from flipping things on an off.
i can’t seem to turn off the lights on anything and i am tremendously worried the fuse will blow.
there are days when i think that secret off switch is something that everyone else knows the code to, but i was sick the day the gave it out.

but do i want to be one of those people that can flip on and off like that?
do i want to be able to just let go without pondering?
will i be anything without my consistent festering of pain?
do i envy them or loathe them?

oh little lightswitch. you and i have had a relationship for a long time. i know you need a rest, but not today. today we stay on. i will try not to let you burn out. hold on for me.

One thought on “lightswitch.

  1. annabt May 1, 2008 / 12:10 am

    I remember when woobie, two fingers in mouth, and the television could help you turn off the lights for a while. Life was much simpler then…even the LeMis guys were easy comparatively.

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