slow and steady

I had a tremendous time on Sunday running with my little sister in the Broad Street Run. She is not a big time runner, but she ran so well, so steady for ten straight miles. We had a delightful time, talking, laughing, quoting movies, and singing songs. We kept running and even ran faster in the last few miles because we had run so smart. Afterwards, we enjoyed a lovely afternoon of sister time and good Belgian beer.

I spend a lot of time lamenting that I’m not fast enough or strong enough or consistent enough when it comes to most of my life, but particularly running. It was so great to slow down, run steady, and be engaged in someone else’s success and joy. I love watching others have success in running. I love seeing the happiness on the face of someone who has just attained their goal. If I can do anything to help anyone feel that kind of joy, I am so pleased.

I am really proud of my sister. She never ceases to amaze me.

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