not my A game.

I did not bring my A game to my students today. I have a sinus infection and was not under antibiotic care until after school today. We don’t have the ability to get subs very easily at our school so most of the time I just don’t even bother. But today, I did not give my students my best, for that I feel quite sad and apologetic.

Being sick sucks no matter who you are or what you do. As a music teacher, it is what I would like to call “double sucky” for the following reasons….

  1. Breathing is important in general, but also fairly important when singing.
  2. Playing the recorder without being able to breathe is really really funny. It is basically self-asphyxiation.
  3. When you have a concert in two weeks, there just ain’t no way to show Veggie Tales or Fantasia.
  4. When all you want to do is crawl under your desk and sleep, it is pretty tough to feel motivated to sing anything about birds, spring, or mother goose.
  5. When all kinds of things are flowing through your ear canals, there is no possible way you can be a good judge of pitch.

However, here is what was great about being at school today…..

  1. Finding an absolutely hysterical short film that was applicable to Fourth Grade and their song, Dr. Foster.
  2. Playing recorder really badly helped my third graders realize that teachers are human too and make a lot of mistakes.
  3. Having a fourth grader stop by after school to tell me, “I hope your cold gets better really soon.”
  4. Showing my kids that sometimes we work, even when we can’t bring our A game. And that I love them so much that I would rather be with them (and spread my germs!) than send in a DH.
  5. COOKIES from NK’s mom compliments of my good buddy JO.

I realize that advocating going to work with a sinus infection is particularly the best public health choice. What’s a girl to do?

I did not bring my A game and for that I sit here beating myself up and wondering if I should try to get a sub (not possible). I wonder if others feel bad about having a bad day at work? I remember when I worked in a cubicle it never fazed me if I slacked off a day. But with 205 bright eyes and sweet voices coming to me and looking to me for leadership each week, I can’t help but feel the weight of the world in my hands. I owe them a home run as soon as I get better.

Take care dear reader. If you are in Maryland…stay dry!

One thought on “not my A game.

  1. Alecia Berman-Dry April 29, 2008 / 2:40 pm

    Oh, dear. Sinus infection. I wish that Americans were less inclined to feel guilty when they’re sick and cannot attend work. That isn’t to say that YOU have that problem, just lamenting the guilty feelings *I* sometimes have, the feeling that I must justify HOW sick I am to those who DID come to work. But maybe that’s just me. It’s kinda nice when you do come back and the littlies say how they missed you πŸ™‚ Feel better, girlie.

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