Yeah ok, I’m grateful

So my heat has been out for two days and I woke up to 47 degrees in my house this am. I hermited all day yesterday with the boys hoping it would come on. I fell into an emotional hole. We went over to work for a few hours to enjoy the heat, run the empty halls, and actually get a little done. I also had a meltdown with sister. (Thank you for listening, sister.) I came home with the realization I had to pack up for a few days. (My landlord is sending us to a hotel until it’s fixed.)

I’m sitting here for a few minutes, in full on parka, packed and ready for our 3pm check in. And it hit me. I’m already breaking my one goal of 2018….to be grateful. To express gratitude and focus on joy rather than pain. Oh goodness, an inauspicious start, indeed.

So, in the midst of my pity party….

I’m grateful that I have a home. It is quirky and has issues with heating and cooling but it has room for my boys to run and has character.

I’m grateful that I have friends who have reached out offering numbers for repair folks, space heaters, and a place in their home.

I’m grateful for my warm clothes and blankets and my north face beanie which hasn’t left my head in three days.

I’m grateful for my fur babies who don’t seem to care that it is either 47 inside or 25 outside. They are lovey and sweet.

This inconvenience is temporary. And it’s a first world problem, for sure. So my grumbling is over for today.


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