Our kids left for winter break this morning at 9:30 and our offices close at 1pm. Two whole weeks to rest, renew, and re-engage with sleep, a clean house, and quality time with those I love the most in the world. These breaks are so necessary in this line of work. Our work is mental and physical. We put all of ourselves into our work each day and spend school year months out of balance–break offers us time to reset.

I am purposely not putting anything on the calendar for three days of my break. I want these days to be completely unaccounted for in the scheme of time. It might mean pajamas or it might mean a hike with my boys in the woods, who knows? I need that time to just be.

And…I know that if I don’t put any structure in my two week time that I will feel anxious come January 1st. So there will be some planning and a few goals. Here they are:

  • Move every day. I’m still in healing mode from a stress fracture and torn gastroc and running is still pretty much non-existent. Moving every day is KEY.
  • Declutter. I do this every holiday and truly enjoy it. (Now I must actually get the bags OUT of the car and to the goodwill.)
  • Put down my phone, turn off the screens and read. (Finish The Miseducation of Cameron Post and Barbarian Daysfor sure and then see what jumps off the stack.)
  • Practice my ukelele.

Those seem pretty do-able and realistic. But rest. Rest will win the day.


Also, some wisdom and peace from Sara Teasdale:


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