Alabamaversary. 2

(so I missed the first one…but here we go.)

It has been two months since I moved to Alabama. It feels like it has been six. I suppose that is how one should feel when in the whirlwind of work and starting a new phase of life. Here is what I know so far…

  1. Yes, it is really hot. All the time. Today is the first day my AC has actually made it down to 74. I can’t talk about my electric bill without oxygen or a cocktail.
  2. It is no longer appropriate to wear most of my favorite footwear or jeans. My toms are crying in the closet.
  3. I have been “yes, ma’am”ed more in the last five days since school began than in my total previous 13 school years. (I appreciate this very much.)
  4. I have also had the door held for me more times than in my previous 36 years, perhaps withstanding early childhood. (Chivalry is good.)
  5. Nowhere in town takes more than 10 minutes, even in “rush hour”. 
  6. Alabama craft beer, for the win. I suggest Good People Snake Handler for a kick in the pants.
  7. I am a little nervous for football season. Can’t the eagle just roll in the tide? (Just Kidding!!!!)
  8. Episcopalians tend to be awesome everywhere and here is no exception.
  9. I say y’all now. I mean, every day and “you guys” has started to sound weird. 
  10. When people say, “how can I help”, they mean it and they show up early and with donuts. It is not hard to be accepted here if you are genuine and kind. 

All in all, I feel happy every day about something. I am so grateful to be here. I am in the right place. That in itself, is a miracle of sorts.

One thought on “Alabamaversary. 2

  1. Shane August 26, 2015 / 1:47 am

    I’m happy you’re here. 🙂

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