No where too far.



Jonah 1-2

Jonah fled. The Lord face him a great task-a calling-and yet he fled, on a ship in the exact opposite direction from Ninevah. His punishment was great; a raging storm, the anger of his fellow mariners, and ultimately, three days in the innards of a fish (yuck.) And yet….

“You brought up my life from the pit, O Lord my God.”

God delivered Jonah from the pit. God called Jonah and pursued him through the vast sea. God showed his awesome power through the storm and through the purgatory of a fish. And still God sought out Jonah. God had called him and would follow him to the ends of the Earth to help Jonah heed this call.



Jonah finally understood. There was no place he could run to escape the presence of the Lord.

When you are called, He expects you to serve. If you are in the deepest of pits, He will draw you out and put you on solid ground in the direction He has for you. No where is too far or too deep for God to find you.

I keep waiting to understand God’s call for me. In the waiting, I try to serve and live in a way that is honorable to God. (With daily failures, of course.) My greatest fear is not that I will run from God’s call but that my mind is too full of noise to hear it.

I am comforted by the story of Jonah 1-2. (3-4 is another story.) God has a call for Jonah and will not rest until it has been fulfilled. I pray that God will pursue me this way. That His signs for me will be BIG (perhaps not belly of a whale big but…) I pray He will fight for me when the noise of the world clouds His voice from my ears. And I pray that, like Jonah, I may be pulled from the pit to rejoice and serve the Lord.

2 thoughts on “No where too far.

  1. Kimberly March 22, 2014 / 3:09 pm

    It is such a comfort that He has a plan for each of us. And He just requires our yes each day, even when it’s completely imperfect. Just yes 🙂

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