Sisterhood of the Blogging Pants



I love the Sisterhood that I have found on social media. A group of incredible women-strong, independent, fit, balanced, Godly, loving, or at least trying to be all of those things while encouraging others, working full time, raising babies, and loving families. Kelly @ No Thanks to Cake tagged me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers, so here I go! 

1. Favorite Color: Navy Blue. I love it, particularly when paired with grey. All shades of medium to dark blue but navy in particular.


2. Favorite Animal: These two boys. Hands down.

1005170_10201391588608703_1891662846_n 4445_1169281909247_3828620_n

But Honorable Mentions to Baby Giraffe, Calming Manatee, Piggy with Books, and Ponies in Sweaters. (everyone needs cute animals now and again. I need them every day.)





3. Favorite non-alcoholic drink:  Coca-Cola. And before you can tell me it is battery acid, yes, I know. I try to limit to one can or less per day. The mini-cans are even better.

4. Facebook or Twitter: Facebook for Friends, Twitter for Teaching, Instagram for everything!!!

5. Favorite Pattern: Polka Dots. If you could see my classroom, you’d totally understand, plus….my co-presenters in crime for teaching and I all showed up in polka dots accidentally to present last spring and we immediately became the Polka Dot Sisters.


6. Favorite Flower:  Pink Gerber Daisies. Dark Pink, preferred. I used to get them every week from my farmers market in Hillcrest. I don’t miss much about San Diego but boy was that market amazing.

7. What is your passion?  Teaching! I love seeing people learn new things. The spark that comes alive as kids or adults click into a new concept or task, make a connection or just plain reach a goal-it’s amazing. Learn more about my journey as an educator on this blog.

Thanks for letting me share a bit today! I will tag my two favorite Lindsay’s.  Lindsay of @Lindsay’s List and Lindsay of @CotterCrunch

The Rules

1. Post the logo to your blog

2. Thank the person who nominated you

3. Answer the questions

4. Choose several other ladies who blog as your nominees

5. Post the links to the nominees’ via social media

One thought on “Sisterhood of the Blogging Pants

  1. cottercrunch January 16, 2014 / 8:35 pm

    just knowing that i’m a favorite lindsay makes my day. and i love polka dots too!

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