The 21 Day Sugar Detox Week One Report

So here I am starting Day 7 of the 21 Day Sugar Detox. I have been reading about the program for a while. I hear Diane and Liz talk about it frequently on the Balanced Bites Podcast. So finally, on a random Tuesday, I took the leap.

Here is a short summary of the program:

21 Days. Yes to Veggies, Meat, Poultry, Fish, Good Fats, Most Nuts/Seeds, and Grass Pastured Diary. No to Grains, Legumes, almost all Fruit, Alcohol, Sugar (natural or synthetic of any kind), and virtually all processed foods. No Cheat Days. No Dispensations.

photo (4)

Goodbye Desktop Snacks. See you in 3 weeks, maybe…

What am I hoping to accomplish?

A re-set of my digestive system, a renewed sense of energy, and a met commitment. The reduction of food urges and allowing my life to be led by sugar highs and crashes. The ability to make more rational choices about my food. The ability to say no to a daily coca-cola.

What am I eating?

I’m eat a lot of veggies, salads with olive oil/balsamic, greens. Meat and chicken, an attempt at fish this week. I’m allowed dairy so I’ve put a little cheese in my diet for protein and fat. I could not live without almond butter, unsweetened coconut flakes, and pecans right now. You are allowed one green apple per day and I had my first one (cooked with almond butter and cinnamon) yesterday. It was like manna from heaven. You are allowed one cup of sweet potato or butternut squash per day. Before coaching on Saturday, I had a cup of mashed sweets with a tablespoon of grass-pastured butter. It was DELICIOUS. I think I’m going to lean on this allowance of one cup of sweets per day just for my sanity. Friday night’s dinner was amazingly delicious.

photo (3)

Taco meet with grass fed beef, lettuce “shells”, red pepper, yogurt-cilantro dip, guacamole. Yeah. I can do it.

What am I feeling so far?

Hungry and a little nauseous. I started the program with a massive head cold, so I’m not sure how the first few days would have gone if I had already felt ok. I have this lightened sensation in my stomach. I’m not sure I believe the scale when it says I’ve lost 10 pounds since my last dr visit. I’ll judge that by my pants which generally feel the same. If I were to self-diagnose, I would say I need MORE food. I’m finding I still have no interest in breakfast, but I’m also finding I have lost interest in drinking coffee. (Say What?!) So far I’ve been able to combat and say no to any and all cravings I have. Today is mac and cheese day at school and that hurts my heart just a little bit, but I know it is worth it. To the salad bar!! I made it through eating out with my Mom and sisters and they endured my ordering and I endured the beautiful basket of sea salt-rosemary fries before me.

So ummm, running?

Other than 40 minutes of coaching last Saturday (Day 5), I have not run in 2 weeks. First it was lack of motivation and last week it was the giant massive cold that kept me sleeping whenever I wasn’t at work.  So now I need to get back into gear and make sure a long run happens this coming weekend. This is where I’m not completely sure how to fuel. If all forms of traditional “on the road” nutrition are out…what do I eat at mile 7 of a 12 mile run? Do I need to eat anything? Or do I just put an avocado in my pocket…..Thank goodness for the forum support on facebook for the 21DSD! I shall ask away and I always get great answers.

All in all I feel like this was the right choice for me. To try this form of diet modification just to see what happens. How will my body become fat adapted rather than carb dependent? When this is over what will I add back and what I will say sayonara to forever? One week down and 2 to go. I’ll report back in a week and let you know…until then….


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