I feel like every other post I write on RST is about some kind of injury or physical failure. Blech. So I’ll start with a joy! I ran the Philadelphia Rock n Roll Half Marathon last Sunday and felt AMAZING. I was able to maintain under 10 min/mi pace and while the first few miles took a little bit to get the lead out of my legs, the last four were fantastic. It was an absolute delight. And, I was “racing”. Not against anyone but me. I was pushing my body beyond what I thought it could handle. I was never red-lining but my legs were definitely getting a challenge.

And now we are a few days later and I still have soreness, a giant puffy, inflexible knee, and a doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning to figure it out. It’s unresponsive to ice and nsaids and only responsive to rest. This is not acceptable and I’m hoping my amazing orthopedic sports specialist can fix me and send me out for 16-18 miles on Saturday. Hoping and praying that I can get through this training cycle without anymore hurdles and then I promise to heal my body from the inside out.


One thought on “again???

  1. Ali Hoffman September 20, 2012 / 9:49 pm

    Big hugs to you! I hope you are able to get some relief. Congrats on last weekend – that’s amazing!

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