Got Reading? 10 Books a Day series

One of the beauties of  my stay-cation this week is the endless time I can meander through blogs and links. Via, I think, today I found several blogs all completing a similar series called “10 Books a Day”. The root of this appears to be a gal called Sarah a pretty cool seeming chick from Canada (eh). I have read a few of the posts featuring a week of 10 books a day within a given theme. The folks out there and there have read some neat stuff. Heck, I’m on vacation and I have a house full of books. So, I’m jumping in too! Since I’m a little late in my start, I’m only going to do 5 days. Here are my themes:

Tuesday: Books that Shaped My Faith

Wednesday: Nerdy Teacher Books that All Teachers Should Read

Thursday: Books that remind me of how awesome life was a kid

Friday: Books that helped me learn to be an athlete

Saturday: Favorite Fiction of All Time

I may get motivated later in the week and add more but we’ll just have to wait and see. I love reading so much and I hope you do too! Get reading!


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