I’m not exactly sure how I stumbled upon She Reads Truth but for the past six days or so I’ve been spending a lot of time with “them”. I found they had a 21 Day Bible Study Plan called “living the surrendered life” via the YouVersion site/iPhone app. I like this app a lot so I found my way into reading a snippet from the Bible every day, reflecting, and then sharing my reflections on instagr.am  with the hashtag #shereadstruth. Through it I have entered into a new community of women who are reading and studying the same passages and reflecting upon them using social media to share their journey. Personally, I’m writing my notes in evernote, of course, and being inspired to create things to share on instagram as I don’t “paper journal” much anymore.

I am a bit different than most of the women completing this journey. First, I don’t have kids or a husband. And I work outside the home. And I’m not an evangelical Christian (in a conservative or fundamentalist sense). However, I find that seeing the reflections of these women and relating them to my own life is natural. I don’t say it a lot here on RST as I tend to focus on the running bit but I do love Jesus and I do seek His wisdom and His path. This is the biggest piece I share with the women of #shereadstruth. We are safe to enter this open community with the shared goal of trusting in God’s work in our lives.

Most of these verses we are looking at are not new and they are not particularly new messages about waiting patiently, speaking gently, and living in faith. However, as the school year and “life” steam rolls on, I often neglect the most important studies I can complete. I neglect the stillness. I neglect the quiet. My mind gets so full that I go on what I’m calling “hyper multi-task” where I stop living fully with the humans around me. I stop listening, not intentionally, but out of a severe need to process slowly. I hope dearly that in these 21 days I can take the time to break with the distracted mania and reflect upon the very basics of being. Even if only for a few minutes a day. And for this, I am so grateful to have found this community. Providence for sure.


One thought on “#shereadstruth

  1. hillary July 3, 2012 / 1:43 am

    Proud of you, you are doing good “self” work this summer. xo

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