Monday Musings

Wow, when did it get to be April? Students and teachers return to school tomorrow and the freight train that is the end of the year is about to take off. It is always quite remarkable how fast it can seem the school year passes. On this day it feels like this year is going to pass with a feeling of whiplash but there have been days where I have felt drowning in the quick sand of time.

This school year has been pretty terrible for my running/fitness life. Broken bones notwithstanding, it has been hard to find the right place and time to run or work out. I feel like my routine since moving has not settled in. I have found some cool people with whom I can train and have a few routes but it just isn’t the same since leaving Howard County. When May 1st rolls around and these feet can tromp the pavement again, I really want to start to build a real routine. (My pants are currently on a “are you kidding me” revolt…so I better hurry!)

Have you ever had to “restart” your entire routine when moving to a new place? What worked best for you?

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