Six More Weeks of Winter…(a mild pity party)

I hope that all the readers (hi Mom) out there are enjoying the amazing temperatures here in the Mid-Atlantic region. Today, March 14th (Happy Birthday Cait!), the high here in Maryland is 82 degrees. What? Oh are we in for a fun summer. Can I just go away in the month of August? But I digress. What I am really here to say is, I am pretending there are six more weeks of winter.

I visited the wonderful Dr. Feldman yesterday to get the “all clear” on my broken sesamoid bone in my lucky-fin right foot. Alas, I am all clear out of the boot but have been told no running, elliptical, squats, lunges, high heels, or super flats,  or generally anything that puts pressure on the ball of my foot, until May 1st. That is six more weeks exactly. This takes me out of training and racing at the IG Half Marathon which was to be my A race. And it means that I have to continue to be creative with finding ways to get the endorphins moving in my body.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE swimming. Love it love it love it! However, nothing surpasses the power of pavement when trying to lose weight and get in shape. (Both of which I need pretty badly right now.) To add insult to injury, these beautiful days with people out sweating away in their tank tops make it almost unbearable in the runners guilt department. Oh, and then there is poor Parker, who really wants Mommy to take him running so he can pass out on the floor. Sigh.

All right, pity party over. I will find something positive to blog about over the next six weeks, I promise! In the meantime, meet me at the pool!!

One thought on “Six More Weeks of Winter…(a mild pity party)

  1. March 14, 2012 / 6:10 pm

    I totally get it. So sorry you have another 6 weeks without anything really fun, or outdoors for that matter. Have that pity party for a few days, then try to move forward. Or drink lots of wine! ; )

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