our own “marley”

We love our dog Parker. He is a crazy handful but when he is sweet, he is sooooo sweet. He loves to cuddle and give kisses. He likes to run in the park and frolic with other doggie pals.

Last night we watched “Marley and Me“. We laughed and commiserated with John and Jenny as Marley  ate their furniture. (Parker ate a phone book and 1.5 pounds of dark chocolate off the counter at Christmas) We felt their pain as they practically got shoulders dislocated when trying to “walk the dog”. (Parker has created a nice snapping sound in my shoulder.) And we cried out eyes out as their family changed over time and Marley with them. When the final time came, we could not even move as we were overwhelmed with the thoughts of the future. 

How easy it has become to love this four-legged furry creature. He is far from perfect. He has tried to eat several family members, barks at the doorbell on tv, jumps up whenever we try to hug, and hogs the bed. He has scared us with his digestive pursuits and cost us a small fortune but the last 3 months with him have changed our lives “fur”ever. I can’t imagine not having him in the house. He is the reason I get up and outside every day at 5:30am and I would rather spend the afternoon cuddling on the couch with him than just about anything. He makes my heart stir when I slowly let him off the leash to run through the woods, praying that he will remember to come back. He tests my patience when he doesn’t understand the snooze button. Oh but how he gives such love and makes it easy to remember why we brought him into our home. He is “our marley” and we are better because of him.

2 thoughts on “our own “marley”

  1. Stephanie February 6, 2012 / 12:42 am

    So sweet 🙂

  2. Teach2Connect February 9, 2012 / 11:08 pm

    I have to tell you that he did a classic Parkerism today. I took him for a walk and decided to try a different route. Instead of going to the main road and then walking to the corner….I thought we could walk around the back side of the Apt offices and exit the devel by way of the trash facility.

    He was really being cute and really good about not pulling! We came around the carport and there it was! The DOG PARK! He was off like he was shot out of a cannon! All I could really do was hold on and try to enjoy. Alas, the park was empty and he grew bored in about 10 minutes. We went home and he went back to sleep.

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