DDG-A new RunSingTeach series.

November was a great month in my Facebook feed. Each day many friends posted their daily gratefulness leading up to Thanksgiving. Each was so wonderful to feel abundant thanks in the midst of chatter. Now we are on to the anticipatory season of Advent, I want to keep this sense of gratitude moving forward. I don’t know if I can really make it daily, but I’d like to try. I’m a little bit behind as Advent II is this weekend but better late than never.

I am already so tired of the hustle and bustle of Christmas. The focus on presents, purchasing, sales, consumerism. Even the over done lights have caused me to be a bit Grinchy this season thus far. I fight my own demons with consumerism and am not saying presents or lights are bad, I just feel the scales are way out of balance. I’d like a little more church a little less macy’s this year.

To get things kicked off right for DDG (Daily Dose of Gratitude), I’m going to share the words of my freshman year roomie from Hudson C116. Jealaine Marple is a pastor within the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. I have followed her ministerial path with envy and delight but this video is the first time I’ve heard her preach. Her unique blend of humor and profundity remind us that we have all the gifts we ever need. Oh the waiting of Advent….I am so grateful for you and your gifts.

Jealaine Marple-A Season of Waiting

2 thoughts on “DDG-A new RunSingTeach series.

  1. Ken Caputo December 2, 2011 / 2:56 pm

    See all that there is to be thankful for in Nov. really opens your eyes to how lucky we are. When I read your DDG I am reminded that I am the most fortunate man!

  2. Theresa December 2, 2011 / 5:21 pm

    Thanks for sharing!!

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