Giving Thanks

On this day of Thanks, I offer a list of all of the things for which I beseech my humblest and most joyful gratefulness,

I give thanks for…

A great and awesome God who daily provides me comfort, challenge, and hope as I constantly fall short of His will for me.

A loving, patient, and forgiving family. They offer wisdom, humor, love, and kindness as I slowly grow on this life journey. Our re-definitions can only multiply love. And without love, we are nothing.

A loving, patient, funny, and lovely partner in life. He offers me support and calm in the midst of any storm. He doesn’t ever mention all the weight I have gained or judge my inability to break free from coca cola. He is a great co-parent to our beloved muggle pup.

A super great muggle pup. He is a mix of cuddling love, rambunctious delight, and encouragement to exercise.

Two hilarious, intelligent, and beautiful nieces. They are daily in my heart and prayers as they learn and grow into amazing humans.

Friends, near and far, who always remind me of who I am and where I have come from. I will forever be grateful for them and constantly wish they lived closer.

A challenging, fun, rewarding, and affirming job, co-workers, and the best boss I’ve ever encountered. I pray that I continue to learn and grow to make an impact in the lives of children.

The daily basics of life. Food, shelter, heat, and the abundant blessings I so easily take for granted in a world full of consumerism.

A healthy body. I have not treated it well this last year but especially after last weekend I offer my thanks for a body that continues to function even when it is abused by inactivity and processed food.

There are so many blessings that abound within my life. I am happy, healthy, and free. I feel loved and often respected. I pray that I continually offer my gratitude for these gifts and remain ever humble in my life and work. I pray so deeply for those who are without this day, those who are infirm in body or mind, and those who find themselves without a table today. Finally, I pray for forgiveness from my missteps in word or deed and offer thanks for a loving, forgiving God and His redemption.

May you be blessed today dear reader with love, family, a full belly, and a content heart.

One thought on “Giving Thanks

  1. misszippy1 November 25, 2011 / 2:01 pm

    Great, full-of-gratitude post! You do have lots for which to be thankful!

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