race day runner

Somehow, despite months and months of spotty training and poor habits, I still surprise myself with being a game day player. I showed up on Saturday to run a 5k with my students and had planned to try to stay under 25 minutes. This was a very reasonable goal. In the “old days” my 5k times were between 22:30 and 23:30 but that was quite a while ago.

Perhaps it was the weather or perhaps it was the desire to set a good example for my students? Or maybe it was the goal of keeping my speedy co-coach in my sight line that helped…I don’t know. But darned if I didn’t run a 23:17 on Saturday morning on a course that was quite fair but had a long, steady incline in mile 2.5. I am really proud that every once in a while I can pump out a good time. It reminds me that all athletic hope is not lost!

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