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It has been 3o years of tummy trouble. It started with giving up my Fred Flintstone bottle of apple juice at age 2 and hasn’t stopped since. Years of doctors, fiber, water, mineral oil, supplements, fleet products, tums addiction, and a colonoscopy later…it if finally time to do something. And it has to start with food. It just has to. I know it, I just have denied it because I’m so content in eating crap. It is absolutely ridiculous to think I can perform well as an athlete while fueling my body improperly. If some days I can barely function because the tummy trouble is so bad, how can I be a runner?

The answer is, I can’t. So I am working with a really cool Holistic Nutrition Counselor to try and figure things out. I think blogging about the journey will be good for me. So runsingteach is gonna talk about food for a while. Every two weeks we will set goals and I will try new things and be cognizant of the changes. It has been three days and I already feel better. 🙂

Current Goals:

  1. Bring lunch from home 3 times a week to school. (Stop eating poisonous, but delicious, hot lunch!!)
  2. Be mindful of breakfast and try eating a filling breakfast. (Such as a delicious hempshake)

I am also reducing my diary intake with the possibility of going dairy free for a while. This is hard, when you consider how many things include dairy.

Foods made this weekend with mindfulness. (After an expensive and long visit to Whole Foods in Baltimore which had to be therapeutically treated with a trip to Bin 604.)

  • Sweet Potato and Black Bean Quesadillas (from Christine’s site) with cilantro/lime rice and avocado. (yes family, I’m trying to eat avocado.)
  • Hemp Shake: Coconut milk (the milk substitute, not the cooking kind.), scoop of peanut butter, dark chocolate hemp protein, banana
  • Beet Risotto made with Diaya cheddar instead of real cheddar, side of broccoli and portobello/chicken sausages.
  • Rice Cakes with Justin’s Chocolate Almond Butter
  • Dark Chocolate Almond Milk blended with frozen strawberries (for dessert)

With food like that, it might be ok to make a few…changes 🙂

The journey has just begun.

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