In the spirit of 10.10.10 today, I thought I’d reminisce on the last ten years of my life and look at what has come, gone, and begun. Here is what has happened…

2000: I performed my senior recital, was a Celebration choreographer, moved in with the Edmonds, ended a 2.5 year relationship, student taught in Liberty, MO.

2001: moved to Iowa and learned a whole new way of life, moved to Kansas City, sang in a fantastic worship band.

2002: decided to leave teaching, started running, worked at DC opera for the second time.

2003: Spent the year on the Opera America Fellowship, learned more than I could have ever imagined, grew exponentially in my ability to deal with change, met my favorite opera singer, learned to row, ran my first marathon.

2004: lived in San Diego. met amazing people, ate amazing food, fell in love, fell in love with Buddy, trained with an amazing group, sang and taught Godly Play in an amazing cathedral, ran my second marathon

2005: moved back to Maryland and to the classroom, trained with Striders for the first time, ran my third marathon with my college best friend, got engaged, met MM-the world’s best RP.

2006: changed schools and moved to Independent school world, bought a house, got married, started my Master’s, ran my fourth and fifth marathons.

2007: lived a fairly benign life, felt settled, did my first triathlon, became a part of Team Hole in the Wall, ran my sixth and seventh marathons.

2008: watched my world collapse, learned who my real friends were, lost love and hope, participated in KSI and learned a million new things about teaching, ran my eighth and ninth marathons.

2009: took the crazy challenge of a year of training, finished my Master’s, rode my first Angel Ride, spent a summer on the road, fell in love again, finished an Ironman, was reborn in so many ways.

2010: spent a lot of time on the couch, had my first “real” injury, lost my puppy love-bug, moved in with a boy who made me believe in love again, started my fifth year in the same job, swallowed a big cup of pride punch and joined next step, and (in a week) ran my 10th marathon.

A decade of blessings and learnings. What shall the next 10 years bring? I will not worry about that today, I’ll worry about that tomorrow.

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