The Great Midwest Tour Part I

So up to this point I haven’t blogged from the Great Midwest Tour of 2009. It is not from lack of desire or topics, in fact I have kept a running list things upon which I shall ruminate. Here are the highlights of the last 8 days.

(In no particular order)

1. Seeing M&P in Libertyville, IL, eating Gino’s East for the first time in many years.
2. Getting “through” 102 miles of the IM Wi bike course. Thought I was going to die at 50 but a lunchable and coke later and I was all good.
3. Running along Lake Michigan on the 4th of July. (Ok, the running sucked, but the company was great and the day was beautiful)
4. Holding the 10 day old Emma Ruth in my hands.
5. Having a glass of wine while observing the cows and relaxing with Cam (the cows were in the brush beyond her yard…awesome)
6. Getting my a*& kicked by local triathletes in both swim and run.
7. Having a big giant cherry lime coke in Iowa and then crossing the Missouri border and passing by towns I’d actually heard of
8. Seeing my bff and her new husband blissfully in their home.
9. Watching Stage 6 of the TdF and getting to explain “bike stuff” to bff
10. Riding up and down the rollers of JoCo, KS in the blazing sun.

I can honestly say that all of the miles on my car and tanks of gas shall be completely worth it to see the world’s best friends. I am blessed beyond measure to have these women in my life.

More to come……

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