Hi There Readers,

Yes, I’ve been gone a long time. It has been a very busy winter/spring. Life has taken so many twists and turns an ne’er a day has gone by without something on the full schedule.

As I sit here, fluffy love at my side, I ponder this weekend’s big race. I am not ready, but in a way that is different than not being ready for a marathon. This is bigger to me in some way. I feel like I have lost who I am as an athlete. I no longer have muscles in places where they used to be and the tire around my middle is certainly not suffering from malnourishment.

In the midst of this moment of self-loathing, I received a great email from BFF/RP with this lovely video which is entitled, Onwards. It gave me four minutes of remembering that this is a process. Being an athlete. Yes, there are destinations and milestones. But the goal is to move forward on a regular basis rather than simply hitting goals. I’ve not been moving forward lately and its time to step it up.

I am hoping dearly that as I leave the spring behind and move into summer that I will find the balance I need to move forward. I hope you’ll be patient with me as I’m on this journey.

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