149 days, really?

I am in week 3 of being officially coached for Ironman. I am so grateful for the accountability and the clear trajectory of my training. I have worked out harder in the last three weeks than in many years prior. I have been hungry a lot and exhausted even more frequently than is typical.

Last weekend my training for IM and for Angel Ride took me on a 52 mile trek around west-central MD and up Catoctin Mountain. It included a 6 mile climb (took me 48 min) followed by a 2 mile climb. Holy Quad pain batman! Afterward, I was tired, hungry, and feeling incredibly accomplished. However, two days later I tried to head out on the old faithful CT course and ended up collapsing into tears several times before going home after 14 miles. What can I learn from this? Eat more, hydrate more, and suck it up when it gets tough.

This week has included:
2800y swim (monday)
1hr ride on trainer (tuesday)
90 min run (wed)
4000y swim (thursday) (I admit it, I got bored so I only did 3000)
and still to come….50 mile ride + T run on Saturday and a 10k race on Sunday!!

This is just the beginning. I know that DCP (dear coach) will be kicking my rear even harder as the days progress and I embrace it with fear, anticipation, and a large supply of advil. I miss my DF, MM desperately. I was really hoping to do this training with her, but I am so happy that she is home with her family. Training alone a lot isn’t the most fun, but it is giving me time to my thoughts and preparing me for the lonelier miles of IM.

So 149 days to go until the BIG day. I have a feeling I shall channel a lot of Robert Frost along the way.

The woods (roads?) are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.


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