the quest to be an IM, day one.

It is a new year and with that comes a new training plan. This year much of the plan revolves around prep for IM Wi. I have trained for lengths of time for a pinnacle before but never have I trained for 9 months for one event. According to my igoogle page there are 251 days until the event. In the days leading up to it I will put in a ridiculous amount of work, probably have more than my share of breakdowns (literal and figurative), and learn a thing or two about myself in the meantime.

I embrace the last element the most. It is not just to say I’m an Ironman. It is to go through the process of what the body and mind can take as one pushes to the outer limits. For someone who until 6 years ago would have been considered “primarily sedentary”, I think I’ve come a long way. For someone who did not like change in anyway until about 2003, I relish this time to change my mental discipline.

Here is the plan for January (for those who wish to keep me accountable):
Monday: am run/pm swim
Tuesday: am run (pm class)
Wednesday: am swim/pm body pump
Thursday: am run (pm class)
Friday: rest (pm yoga, perhaps)
Saturday: am run (class)
Sunday: am spin

Once my Jan. term class is over, this will change up a bit as I will re-take my Saturdays and get back to Tues. night spin (thank goodness). In the meantime, I start week 1 with hopes of not pushing so hard that I get hurt off the bat.

Off to the adventure.

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