a fresh start

The new year began yesterday with a crisp, cold, sunny start. I took love bug out to our favorite trails and felt renewed as we crunched our way through the frozen terrain. He and I have spent a year together, four seasons, exploring these trails. We have seen life go from cold, hard winter to verdant spring to steamy summer to abundant fall and now back again.

As I walked with him on this day I felt as though the world was beginning anew. I know that 2008 was not a year for the record books, there were many more downs than ups–but that year has now past. What will this new year behold? I do not know.

I do not generally make resolutions. Vain attempts to set unrealistic goals which only become depressing failures when they are unattained. However, I do set goals. But not merely at the new year. I find that taking stock of what we have, looking at what we can discard, and setting a course for forward motion provides a sense of purpose.  This year, 2009, I hope for a fresh start.

Measurable Goals:

1. Complete Ironman training and hopefully, finish an Ironman.

2. Become a more faithful participant at Christ Church

3. Renew a sense of reflectivness in my practice as a teacher–look at the big picture, backwards plan, and reflect thoughtfully on the growth of my kids.

4. Complete my Master’s and write a thesis which is reflective of my passions.

5. Complete the Angel Ride raising $1000+ for Hole in the Wall Gang

Lofty Goals:

1. Be a better, more communicative, honest friend.

2. Serve others before myself.

3. Listen first, comment second

4. Seek first the wisdom of God rather than my own selfish desires; thoughtfully seek His will.

5. Balance.

Do I expect to fulfill all of these goals? Of course, I hold myself to a high standard. But I recognize my frailty as a human and while I have tested my limits this year, I know that they do exist. I cannot measure my lofty goals. But I hope that I hold fast to them as the hustle and bustle of the year begins.  Regardless, I’m grateful for a new year. I have been blessed abundantly in 2008 and look forward to 2009 as a rebirth of faith, reflection, and love.

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