so here it goes.

I head up to Philly today for tomorrow’s marathon. It is currently 25 degrees outside my window. The high in the greater Philadelphia region tomorrow is 42. Since the high usually comes around noon, I reckon it will be about 30 at the 7:30 am start of the race. Oh good Lord! I hoped for cool temperatures but I think that my prayers were a bit too fervent.

So I go from one extreme temp marathon (80 in Chicago) to another 30’s in Philly….Alas, maybe this is a hint to stop this marathon thing for a while, or at least head to temperate climates like San Diego for my races?

I go into the race with no major goals other than finish without frostbite. I think the last six weeks have given me good reason not to set time goals. I also look forward to watching my two sisters duke it out as we watch the Ravens (older sister’s team) play the Eagles (little sister’s team) as we sit in Philadelphia but the Ravens play in Baltimore.

So here I go…more in a few days.

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